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How healthy is your business?

You want to spend your time creating awesome things that people love. Not looking at spreadsheets and profit & loss statements.

The 88 Miles health dashboard shows you how much you have made, and how much you are going to make.

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Revenue this year
Target: $75,000
Predicted: $82,123 +9%
Revenue this month
Target: $6,250

Punch in, Punch out

Tracking your time with 88 Miles is fast. Just punch in when you start a job, and punch out when you finish.

Stop guessing how many hours your worked this week — with 88 Miles you know exactly how many hours you worked.

ACME Industries

Website redesign


ACME Industries

Website redesign


Non-billable hours are just as important as billable ones

While billable hours are where you make your money, tracking non-billable hours tells a story too.

Are those quick 5 minute freebies really hour-long jobs that should be charged for?

88 Miles can track non-billable time at the click of a button.

How long will that job take?

Quoting on new jobs can be a real pain. Do you just take a guess, then triple it? You can do better than that.

By using the 88 Miles report system, you can look at past projects and make better estimates.

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Our Customers

  • Now I can see at a glance how much time I have left on each job and review exactly how I am spending my time.
    Adrianne-barba Adrianne Barba bird.STUDIOS
  • I like it because it shows me what my time and focus has been on each day.
    Craig-millman Craig Millman Connect2Field
  • It's easy to use, project specific real-time tracking and cloud-based system means wherever I am in the world on assignment I can better track and assign my time. I highly recommend 88 Miles for any professional who wants more personal and business success.
  • 88 Miles is a great time tracking program for long and short term projects. We utilise the website for internal staff and external contractors, which allows us to know real time exactly where any project is at (from a time allocation reference) at any point in time. It has become an integral part of our company "day to day"… or rather "minute to minute" operations.
  • I’m earning more money since I started using 88 Miles because I know exactly how much time I’m spending on each project. The guess work is over.
    Sarah-mitchell Sarah Mitchell Global Copywriting
  • I've tried a couple of other time tracking software out there and found it confusing. This is really easy to use and I love the email you get at the end of the day showing how much time you tracked then with the note to add more time if you forgot to track it during the day!
    Carly-black Carly Black Infinite Web Design

Developer API

Are you a developer? 88 Miles has a comprehensive REST API, allowing you to connect to your account from other applications.

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