Developer API

88 Miles has a comprehensive REST API, allowing you to connect to your account from other applications. This allows you to integrate 88 Miles data into your in-house systems or build your own time tracking applications, using 88 Miles as a backend.


88 Miles uses OAuth 2.0 for authentication, which means users can give you access to their application with out having to reveal their username or password. They can also revoke other applications without affecting access to your application. This makes allowing access safer and more convenient for both you and 88 Miles users.

For more information about OAuth 2.0, please see our authentication page.


The 88 Miles API gives you access to a users companies, projects, shifts, staff and activties, by passing JSON objects to-and-from the server. You can also use JSONP, by adding the ?callback=functionname query parameter. The API is versioned, which allows us to add and remove functionality without affecting existing applications. The current API version is 1.

A summary of the 88 Miles endpoints, as well as examples are listed below.