• Return all of the project's activities

    GET /api/1/projects/:project_uuid/activities.json
    json jsonp

    Returns an array of activity objects belonging to the project with the supplied project_uuid. Can take a URL-encoded, SQL-like query string and order string which can help filter and order the results that will be returned. So the query string:

    name ~= "quia+itaque"

    which lookes like this when URL encoded:


    will return all activities for the given project that are similar to “quia itaque” ordered by name in ascending order.

    Click here for more information on the API query string.

    • 401 Unauthorized
    GET /api/1/projects/5091ff4f-d89e-46de-bf4a-7f68daff911d/activities
      "response": [
          "name": "voluptas dolores",
          "project_uuid": "5091ff4f-d89e-46de-bf4a-7f68daff911d",
          "uuid": "274e9cdb-9770-4e79-8b79-0231ba90799b"
          "name": "blanditiis corporis",
          "project_uuid": "5091ff4f-d89e-46de-bf4a-7f68daff911d",
          "uuid": "dde9213a-4ca7-4213-aba4-10191482cbcc"
          "name": "et et",
          "project_uuid": "5091ff4f-d89e-46de-bf4a-7f68daff911d",
          "uuid": "eb839447-d27b-446b-af92-42b3da8e10a6"
      "count": 3
    • where

      An URL encoded, SQL-like query string which can filter the results that will be returned

    • order

      An URL encoded SQL-like order string, that sets the order of the returned objects