• Update a staff member

    PUT /api/1/staff/:uuid.json
    json jsonp

    Update an existing staff member. Requires a valid staff object to be posted. Missing attributes from the object will be merged with the existing staff member.

    Please Note: If the updated user becomes active, this may cause a charge for the user. If this is the case, they will receive an email asking them to confirm the creation of a new user

    • 401 Unauthorized
    • 402 Payment Required - if the authenticated user is on a plan with a maximum number of staff, and this user will take them over this limit, they will need to upgrade their plan.
    • 403 Forbidden - returned if an authenticated user isn't allowed to update staff members
    • 404 Record Not Found - returned if an staff member with the specified UUID is not found
    • 422 Invalid Record - if the staff member fails validation. An error message will be returned, declaring the error.
    PUT /api/1/staff/161e6c57-a86a-4ab8-b6c0-8a7831e4cd44
      "staff": {
        "active": "true",
        "email_address": "",
        "first_name": "Archibald",
        "hourly_rate_cents": 10000,
        "last_name": "Zulauf",
        "login": "user28",
        "time_zone": "Australia/Perth",
        "uuid": "161e6c57-a86a-4ab8-b6c0-8a7831e4cd44",
        "type": "staff"
    • staff

      A staff member JSON object.

      • uuid

        A UUID to identify the user. If null, one will be generated

      • login

        User’s login

      • first_name

        User’s first name

      • last_name

        User’s first name

      • email_address

        User’s email address

      • time_zone

        Time zone of the staff

      • active

        Indicates whether the user is active or not. Note: This is a string.

      • type

        Indicates the user type. When updating or creating, you can only set the type to ‘manager’ or ‘staff’.

      • hourly_rate_cents

        The user’s hourly rate in cents