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Online Time Tracking for Freelance Copywriters

It’s a conundrum every freelance copywriter faces. The more time you spend on administrative tasks, the less you have for writing. While it makes sense to focus your energies on getting words on the page, accurate time tracking ensures your invoices reflect the effort put into client work.

Running a successful freelance copywriting business means you need to track two things:

  1. How you spend time throughout the day
  2. What time is spent on client project work

The problem with most online time tracking tools is they’re either too simplistic or too complex. Fast and easy is great - until it’s time to invoice clients. 88 Miles combines the simplicity of a ‘one click’ tool with comprehensive features giving freelancers more time to write and less time fiddling with software and paper-based time sheets.

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Super easy, super reliable

Tracking your time is simple with 88 Miles. Punch in when you start and punch out when you’re done. You can manually adjust start and end times to ensure complete accuracy in your time tracking. With rock solid technology behind it, 88 Miles is always available.

Try it out. 88 Miles offers a free 30 day trial.

Excellent features for freelance copywriters

Most freelancers work on multiple projects at one time. But an hour worked doesn’t always mean an hour billed. If you have both fixed price and hourly projects, invoicing quickly becomes complicated.

Track time to more than one project simultaneously — Work can sometimes be applied to more than one client or one project. 88 Miles easily supports multitasking letting you log time against multiple projects simultaneously.

Time budgeting — You tell 88 Miles how much time you have budgeted for a specific project and it lets you know when you’re over budget. You also see the elapsed time for current projects to help keep you on track. You can quickly get a snapshot of all work for the past day, week, and month.

Tagging — You can use tags to filter your projects. This is especially helpful for fixed price projects and volunteer work to give a clear idea where your time is going. Reports can be prepared based on specific tags.

Comprehensive reporting — You can download the data in a number of formats to plug into other documents and software programs like Excel or Word. This alleviates the need for you to spend time manually transferring or entering data.

What’s not to love? Sign up for a free trial and find out for yourself.

Incredibly affordable

For a flat rate of $10 a month, 88 Miles simplifies your life and gives you more time to write. What are you waiting for? Sign up today.

Our Customers

  • Now I can see at a glance how much time I have left on each job and review exactly how I am spending my time.
    Adrianne barba 091cb6220b8958a2e2dd7df5277b26a28a4c9d9c8a470640e8d45915fdf8b8d3 Adrianne Barba bird.STUDIOS
  • I like it because it shows me what my time and focus has been on each day.
    Craig millman 126fc11946b38288d11f408661f8ac671a5376c6adfeeae9cb58b8f1afb7c3a2 Craig Millman Connect2Field
  • It's easy to use, project specific real-time tracking and cloud-based system means wherever I am in the world on assignment I can better track and assign my time. I highly recommend 88 Miles for any professional who wants more personal and business success.
  • 88 Miles is a great time tracking program for long and short term projects. We utilise the website for internal staff and external contractors, which allows us to know real time exactly where any project is at (from a time allocation reference) at any point in time. It has become an integral part of our company "day to day"… or rather "minute to minute" operations.
  • I’m earning more money since I started using 88 Miles because I know exactly how much time I’m spending on each project. The guess work is over.
    Sarah mitchell 63be8fc4c9406be7245d187e3ee8f686bd4c125397043c8c33ba8cd261ec6df2 Sarah Mitchell Global Copywriting
  • I've tried a couple of other time tracking software out there and found it confusing. This is really easy to use and I love the email you get at the end of the day showing how much time you tracked then with the note to add more time if you forgot to track it during the day!
    Carly black 8ee7bee7c92b2aa3a10ebf9340ef77d9529e5cbb1ca805f7665f12c32b2040c2 Carly Black Infinite Web Design

Developer API

Are you a developer? 88 Miles has a comprehensive REST API, allowing you to connect to your account from other applications.

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