Basecamp from 37 Signals is a project management tool. It recently removed it's time tracking facilities, which we have added back in via the 88 Miles Chrome extension.

First, download and install the 88 Miles Chrome extension from the Chrome App Store, the 88 Miles Firefox add-on or the Safari extension.

Once installed, you can give the plugin access to your 88 Miles account, by clicking options.

Install the plugin

Click the Authorize button and you will be asked to approve access to your account. Enter your login and password, and click Authorize App

Authorize 88 Miles

Now, you can navigate to your Basecamp, click on a project and you'll see a new Time Tracking section. You will need to tell Basecamp which 88 Miles project to use — select it from the dropdown and click Link.

Select an 88 Miles project to link

If you want to start work on a to do list item, just click the clock next to it.

If you just want to punch in to this project, you can click Start next to the Time tracking header.

Track your time from inside Basecamp