Integrating 88 Miles with Saasu

88 Miles can push invoices to your account. To allow 88 Miles to talk to Saasu, you will need to enable web services.

The Saasu help page has instructions on turning web services on (scroll down to the Activating API Access for Your File section.)

Once your have your access key (the 32-character string) and your file uid, log back in to 88 Miles, and select Third-party apps from the settings menu

Click the Saasu button

Enter the access key in to the first field and the file uid in second, and hit Save.

Creating an invoice

Now that 88 Miles has access to your Saasu account, you can create an account. There are three ways you can do this.

When you sign off from a project

Once you have linked up a Saasu account, you will see an option to Create an invoice when you sign off a project.

From an already signed off project

If you want to invoice a project that has already been signed off, click the settings cog next to the project, and select Invoice.

From a time sheet

You can also create an invoice from a time sheet. Click Reports and select Itemised timesheet.

Filter the report by clicking Change filter — See for more information on filtering reports.

Now, click Create an invoice from the Export dropdown. This will take you to the Saasu Invoice screen, and you can create the invoice from there.

Re-syncing contacts

To speed things up, 88 Miles caches your Saasu contacts. If you add a contact to Saasu and want to invoice them via 88 Miles, you will need to re-sync. Click the reload icon next to the contact drop down.

Pushing to Saasu

Now that the data has been gathered for the invoice, you can push it to Saasu.

Select a contact from the Contact drop down. When you select a contact, it will show you the contact details to make sure you have the right person.

Set an invoice date — you can also add additional information to the invoice.

By default, there will be one line item per shift. If you want a shorter invoice, click the Project button.

Finally, you can edit or remove line items. You can also add additional line items at the bottom of the screen. Make sure you select an account for each line item from the Account drop down.

Click save, and you are done!